double shot, please

There is something great about working at EVP this summer.

In the midst of major life change, the craziness of interning for Blackhawk Church, and the stress of wedding planning, too many things are left uncertain. A question keeps nagging me, “will you really be able to pull this all off?” I wish I could say right back, “of course, it’s not that bad… and i know stress and business, and i can handle it.” Unfortunately there is such a big difference between being able to “handle” something and doing it well. And when it comes to marriage and ministry, there is no question- i want to do it well. So the question really becomes “can you really do this all well?” and i have to say, i just don’t know.

But EVP. Oh EVP, a breath of fresh air. A break from the stress and the nagging questions… a place where I know I can do it all well. Maybe it is a place of false security, but I love walking into work and knowing what i am doing. I know that I can do my job. I know that I can serve people and make them happy while doing it. I know that I can answer questions and work quickly and make a damn good double-shot extra-dry capp with whole milk and silky-smooth foam. The job isn’t stressful, even at the shop’s busiest, because I know what I have to do and I know I can do it well.

Oh, a breath of fresh coffee-smelling air and a place where I can do more than just handle it.


One thought on “double shot, please

  1. In times like these we all need places like EVP. For me it’s running around after 3 kids and a puppy – not sure I always do that well, but at least it’s a distraction.

    Thanks so much for your help this weekend. If there’s anything I can do when we’re back from our honeymoon, let me know! I’ll do whatever I can to make your wedding day easy and fun for you!

    See you tomorrow!

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