watching TV

I feel guilty lately. I’m stressed out with so much going on that I end up turning on the TV. Not cool. Most of TV is complete crap, except Friends, Will and Grace, Lost, and a decent movie that is on every so often (or a good music video on CMT). But TV does a great job of distracting me from whatever is stressful, so I am drawn to turn on the very TV I hate. I try to open up a book, but when I am stressed out I end up staring at the page and worrying instead. Eventually I realize that I’ve been watching the TV Guide Channel for 20 minutes because there is nothing even remotely interesting on all 80 of our channels, so I turn it off and get back to work, still stressed out.

Maybe I should just throw the thing away.

The world would be better without TV (with the exception of episodes of Friends and CNN in my opinion) but it has some sick appeal. Maybe we’re just lazy, and watching TV is the best way to pointlessly burn hours away while using just a little more energy than it takes to sleep, and the whole time we’re distracted from the fact that we’re wasting time.

Maybe I could compromise and just put my TV in the closet.


One thought on “watching TV

  1. I am addicted to TV. When it gets turned on I go into an almost catatonic state and I get irritated when people want to talk to me while I am watching it. For my own good we had the cable turned off years ago. At first the withdraws were bad but soon life got so much fuller and richer without the black box that wants to suck me into it’s empty vortex! (hahahaha) I am still addicted though. If I go to my parents house (they have the TV on 24 hours a day) I find those same habits starting to flair up!

    Now we rent movies from Netflix. We do watch lots of movies. But a movie is 2 hour period of time and it’s over. With cable I could find reasons to keep watching it all night long!

    Try no TV for a week and see what happens.

    Believe me … I feel your pain!

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