doing life together…

So a large part of my summer is interning for Blackhawk Church. I am absolutely loving the challenge of running a ministry, which is magnified by the challenge of working and planning a wedding at the same time. Every week I am afraid I am going to fall flat on my face while running 56 (it’s a summer ministry for students going into 6th grade in the fall) but so far I have always managed to make it through a night of 56 and make it home. And the students keep coming back, so I hope that means that they find 56 worthwhile.

Every week I find myself wanting more. The students come and I’m pre-occupied with making sure they have name tags, that the volunteers are playing with the students, that no one is left out… that I’m ready for whatever activity we’re doing for the night, that the lights are on, that I’m being witty… and the hour and a half that the students are at 56 flies by and suddenly I’m cleaning up and making sure everyone got a ride home. 

All I want is to get to know the students. I want to have fun with them, I want to know what’s going on in their lives. I want to know more than their name from their name-tag. I want discipleship, I want relationship, I want friendship… I don’t want to feverishly run programs. I had niave hopes that I could do a great job planning an evening and let the night run itself so that the program could be a conduit for building relationships… but programs don’t seem to run themselves and there is no time left for me to hang with the students.

All I want is a chance for us to do life together. I want a glimpse at what student’s lives are really like and how God really affects them. I want to know what they desire and understand how they understand faith. I want to live life together so we can learn and grow together. I want to teach by example and not by a talk. I want to have a common mission and goal and work towards that together. I don’t want to run programs… I just want to be together and let God show us the way through doing life together.


One thought on “doing life together…

  1. Maria, has this changed your direction or focus for a career in ministry? Has it helped give you any insight into what kind of role you’d want to play in a ministry setting? I mean, there are lots of jobs working with youth, I guess I’m just wondering if you see it any setting besides in the church as a youth pastor …

    I think you’ll be great at whatever you do. You have a outwardly focused heart. It’s a good one. And you love deeply. I bet those “56” kids see that and feel it.

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