early friday morning

it’s 12:34 am on friday morning… very very early friday morning. this past week has been a mess. the week started very stressed and frustrating. i had way too much to do and felt anxiety like few other times in my life. but don’t worry- i got better!

tuesday night i went out on one of the best dates of my life… with my roommate lindsey! linds (aka grasser-face) is my maid-of-honor and one of my best best friends. we had dinner together, spent an hour and a half canoing on a tree-lined lake and watching the sunset, then went and saw “the break up”. i love linds dearly and i’m really sad i won’t be living with her anymore. linds and i have lived together for nearly 4 years… it really is the end of an era

then wednesday night mike and i went out to dinner, and despite our mutual exhaustion, we were able to write our vows and enjoy a somewhat normal date. (i crave being normal again) by the end of wednesday night the wedding to-do list on my palm finally appeared managable and i could finally take a deep breath of relief- for the first time in a long time it looked like we could get everything done

and today- thursday- i ran errands for those last-minute needs (like filling all my prescriptions before i lose my health insurance on saturday) and got a few more things ready for the wedding. i did laundry (like a normal person!) and spent a little time with mike. i ran the 56 pool party, spent an hour and a half playing in the pool like a true middle-schooler, and enjoyed a break from adult life.

and now- it’s late, i’ve finished up a few more last-minute things, one of my favorite movies (Far and Away) is on TBS in the background, and i’m about to get ready for one of my last nights sleeping in my own twin bed…



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