how did i get so tired?

Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s because all I’ve been eating is popcilces and a little ice-cream, but I am wiped-out. This summer (summer?) has been crazy…. planning a wedding, showers, two other friends’ weddings, so so so much planning, invitations, meetings, thank-yous, big decisions, running 56 every week, more meetings, early mornings at the coffee shop, stressing about getting everything done on time, and did I mention planning… was it worth it? Sure was!

And somehow I thought that when the wedding was over things would “cool down”. Well, not so much… Mike and I went to NYC for our honeymoon (which was AWESOME) but not so relaxing. I think we walked five miles everyday… nothing like working off the wedding cake! And then this week is Madison Missions at Blackhawk. And I’m also trying to change my name (it’s a process), figure out our fiances, get ready to move in less than two weeks, fill out FASFA (always fun), and figure out how I am going to graduate in May. I also have 56 this week and am spending the day tomorrow looking for apartments in Chicago with Mike. 

And suddenly i feel a bit overwhelmed…                      

Will Mike and I find an apartment tomorrow? (Because we need to move on the 12th!)

Will Mike find a job?

Will I be able to deal without my friends?

Will I be able to graduate in May?

Will Mike and I make friends in Chicago? Be happy there? Or will we be homesick for Madson?

Will I be able to balance a full credit load and marriage?

To be honest, I’m scared. But I am praying and working and trusting that God is going to put all the pieces together. And if it’s hard… well, it will make us stronger, right? I can’t see the road that far ahead, but I know we’ll be ok. I have the most amazing husband and together I trust that we can get through anything… so for now, I’m taking a break, working on FASFA and watching Felicity. And it’s all going to be ok.


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