i think chicago hates me- part 3: theft

So I haven’t been blogging at all since Mike and I moved to Chicago on August 12th because we have not had internet at our apartment. To get online, as I am now, we’ve had to trek into campus and work on the computers at North Park’s library. But school hasn’t started yet so I have been trying to stay out of the library, which means I haven’t allowed myself any time to sit and blog.

We were supposed to get our cable modem in the mail via UPS a few days ago. We went on vacation to my grandparents’ cabin along with my sister, my brother-in-law Tim, and Tim’s girlfriend, Rebecca from Friday until yesterday morning. While we were gone, our UPS man tried delievering our modem three times, and on the third try someone else signed for our package. They even signed DREWS. So now one of our neighbors is enjoying our cable modem… the one we paid $80 for. Hoping that our neighbor with our modem may feel bad and decide to give the modem back, I placed a large “Missing Package” sign down by the mailboxes discribing our stolen package. Nothing has been turned in yet. Who steals modems anyways? How did they even know it was an expensive electronic device in the mail? It could have been a large cookbook for all they knew…

So for now Mike and I still don’t have internet, but after spending about 4 hours on the phone with UPS and the modem shippers (and that may be an underestimate on time) we just may get the claims department at UPS may refund our $80 in a few weeks And then I can start blogging again.


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