kissing the deer

So I just wanted to take a moment and share some great pictures.

Mike and I, Justine, Tim (my brother-in-law), and his girlfriend (Rebecca) went up north to my grandparents’ cabin. (It’s the coolest place on earth.)

The deer are really tame at the cabin because you can not hunt anywhere on the resort property and they get feed. We feed a lot of deer dried corn in the yard, and the fawns that were born in the yard are especially tame.

One day we walked to the resort to find an 8-point buck standing on the deck.












We didn’t know how tame the buck was, so we were afraid to approach it. But a guy who worked at the resort came outside and said that the buck was friendly and gave us some peanuts to feed it. So Justine went up to the buck and fed it peanuts.

The deer really liked eating the peanuts, so Mike and I wanted to see if it would eat one out of Justine’s mouth. So she stuck one half of a peanut in her mouth and….

Justine kissed an 8-point buck!

And then it followed us home…

The End!


One thought on “kissing the deer

  1. These are awesome photos Maria! Grandparent’s cabins are often the coolest places on earth.
    Miss you guys.

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