Christian Blogging- A Postmodern Phenomenon?

Why do so many Christians chose to blog? Is it a passive way to share our faith? Practice for being the next Martian Luther? Or is it simply a postmodern search for truth?

I’m reading “Christian Doctrine” by Millard Erickson (who names there kid Millard? and can you call him “Mill” or “Lard” for short?) for my theology class this semester. He says that in searching for truth we need a metanarrative to pull together different communities’ divergent theological interpretations. To search for theological truths we need to be in community. As he says, “In light of the limitations of our own positions and perspective, it is important that we interact with as broad a community of persons as possible…. We need to interact with believers from historical periods other than our own. Further, we will want to converse with persons from different ecclesiastical, cultural, and philosophical traditions. Finally, we will profit from dialogue not only with those working at more advanced or abstract theorectical levels than ours but also with those at lower levels.”

So, perhaps Christians blog and read other blogs in a search for truth. Maybe we crave comments on our blog because they may start a dialogue. Maybe we search for themes in what Christians are blogging about because we believe we may be on to some truth. Maybe we expose our thoughts and opinions in the hope that someone will correct us if they aren’t true. Writing a blog connects us to a global dialogue- our blog can be read by anyone and we can read anyone elses. For a Christian searching for truth in the postmodern world, what could be better than a global dialogue? We have access to infinite viewpoints, and in that community, maybe we will find truth.


One thought on “Christian Blogging- A Postmodern Phenomenon?

  1. Hey Maria,

    Enjoyed your blog. I think blogging is a passive way to share our faith if it’s the ONLY way we share our faith. I do think it’s a great way to reach out to the extended community, but I think we have an obligation to spread the word where we are, in our immediate communities. I also think blogging is a great way for the “average joe” to express their thoughts about their faith, their truths. People can feel intimidated by those who have all kinds of credentials and degrees to back up their thoughts…and begin to think they don’t have any valid thoughts about Christ or their faith. But life experience can say a lot for itself as well. Blogging about Christianity is a great way to ‘keep up with the culture’ but still spread the word of Christ. In fact, one of my friends (who also lives in Chicago) and I are blogging about a Christian book we are reading so that we can not only keep in touch but converse about our beliefs across the miles.

    Thanks for your thoughts, I enjoy reading them. Tell Mike hello.

    Stacia Ertel

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