falling vs. being in love

If you have not gotten engaged/married I should warn you of something… if you do get engaged/married you will be warned about the perils of love and relationships. People will be very good at letting you know that that loving feeling won’t always last, that love will sometimes be a choice, and that marriage is really about commitment. I listened to the many warnings, agreed to the commitment, and took the dive into marriage.

So here I sit, a little over two months married and deliriously happy with being Mike’s wife. I wait all day for him to come home from work; around the time he should be home I make sure all the dishes are done then do homework on the couch so I can hear him coming up the stairs to the door. I smile way too much when I am around him. I can’t help telling him how much I love him or how much I like him or how he is my “favoritest person in the world ” (he is so great he is worth making up a word for).  I always want to hug him or hold is hand or curl up next to him just to be as close to him as possible. It’s been a month and a half since Mike and I have been in Chicago and haven’t really had any other friends, and I still look forward to spending time with him, even though we’ve spent time alone together for days on end. The best part? I have so much fun with my husband, and he is my best friend.

So when is this bubble going to burst? Are you sure it is? Because I remember falling in love with Mike, but I have to say it, I keep falling deeper in love with him. The more time I spend with him the more I know about him, the better friend he becomes to me, and the more I fall for him. We don’t fight, we rarely disagree or frustrate each other, and despite all the rough times right now and changes, our relationship seems to be getting better.

So, be honest, am I just a naive wife of two months, or is it really possible for a marriage to be this good and stay this good? Or even to get better? Are we still in some honeymoon stage of marriage, safe from strife, or is this reality? Are you just going to warn me again, telling me that I can’t possibly feel the same way in a few years as I do now? Or is it possible to keep “that loving feeling”?

Can I avoid ever being in love and just keep falling in love?


2 thoughts on “falling vs. being in love

  1. Girl…you are precious. I loved getting your email this morning and then clicking the link to read this post.

    Jason and I are at the YEAR mark in a week!!! WOW. And so I am hardly a seasoned veteran of marriage, but one thing I have learned so far is that at times it is a fight to keep that loving feeling. But it is a fight that is worth fighting.

    I can truely say that I am more in love with Jason right now than I was a year ago. And I can also say that our love has matured a lot throughout this year.

    Just keep that verse “Whatever is pure, whatever is…” in mind towards your marraige and especially towards your husband. Remember the amazing things about him, remember the amazing moments: first kiss, proposal, wedding day, first night together…and all the amazing times in between. Fight for that love girl. It is precious.

  2. Close to 28 years and still going deeper. No doubt there will be tough times, Maria. Times you don’t feel the way you do now. But I found that if I always chose to invest in making it better, it got better. And it still gets better every single year. There is nothing like it!

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