Part One- Hell and Hollister

First, a quick update:
Last Sunday I started my new job at River Forest Pres in River Forest, a near-west suburb of Chicago. I’m am interning there for the next year and overseeing the Junior High ministry. The job is going to be a challenge, and I’ll get to that in upcoming posts, but I’m very excited about being involved in a youth ministry again and getting paid for it, which is only nice b/c it allows me to finally leave the coffeehouse!

I finally realized that I needed to retire my favorite pair of jeans. I hate shopping for jeans so when I find a pair that really fit, I wear them out… completely. Mike finally said that my favorite jeans had to go. There had been a hole in the right knee and in the back pocket for several months, they had a worn or “destroyed” look (as stores like to advertise), and in the past week they got a large hole in the other knee, in the inseam (as i’ll call it) and looked like they were about to break on the left thigh. Things were not looking good, or appropriate, for my jeans, so I had to give them up. As cooler weather moves in on Chicago, I knew I needed some jeans that weren’t quite so breezy anyways.

The only place I have bought jeans in the past few years is Hollister. I hate hate hate shopping for jeans (they are almost as bad as shopping for swimsuits) so I make things easier by going straight to Hollister. It is the only place I’ve found that makes a pair of jeans that fit me perfectly (and girls, you know how hard it is to find that perfect fit).
Early Sunday afternoon Mike and returned from church and my country-boy husband was restless and wanted to get out of the city. We decided to head out to the suburbs for a while on my way to work that evening. Now Mike and I hate the suburbs for many many reasons (I think we see them as a sign of all that is evil in this world… maybe i’ll blog about suburbs later) but we went there anyways. We decided this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get some new jeans for the winter, so we headed to the mall. I think the only thing I hate more than the suburbs is the mall… yuck… but all Hollisters are in the mall, so we went.

The mall parking lot looked like it was December 23rd but we eventually found a spot and headed inside. We braved the crowds, made it to Hollister, found a few styles of jeans in my size then found the dressing rooms… the line must have been 25 girls long. While standing in line with my pile of jeans I looked around. At 22 (and very close to 23!) I was definitely the oldest one there, minus some moms with their girls. A lot of the girls had huge piles of clothes and were already wearing a lot of Hollister. I finally made it into the dressing room, loved the first pair of jeans I tried on, and was done. Unfortunately I couldn’t get going that fast… there was another VERY long line for the five busy registers that snaked its way around the store. Half an hour later I finally had some good fitting jeans that weren’t covered with holes and vowed to purchase my next pair over the internet. Mike and I practically ran out of the mall once I was done… it was our personal hell.

To Be Continues… muah-ha-ha (that is supposed to be an evil laugh 🙂 )


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