Part Three- worth $158 billion

These are advertisments for a “kids” line for a popular brand name. What are we selling these “kids”?

Teens spent $158 billion dollars last year. With different sources of income and very few responsibilities or living expenses teens are incredibly important in fueling consumerism. And since younger teens don’t have a strong sense of identity or values when it comes to how they spend their money it is easy to persuade them into consumeristic living. I find it sad that our capitalistic markets have targeted teens. Yes, you can make a lot of money off them, but is it right to sell them sex, popularity, and identity as you sell them that $50 sweater? And how do we raise up adolescents who are aware of how they are being targeted by marketing? Is it possible for teens to rise above the consumerism that surrounds them?


2 thoughts on “Part Three- worth $158 billion

  1. I know malls target teenagers, but think about how many adults are in the same boat. Who buys all the stuff on those racks? It’s crazy when you actually think about it. Adults are not that much different for the most part.

    When we lived in rural New Zealand someone asked me if it is true that Americans shop for fun. That was unbelievable to them. When I told them how large the mall parking lots were, and that on a weekend you couldn’t find a spot, they were stunned.

    Consumerism isn’t just a teenage problem. They learn it from adults. How many mom’s bond with their teenage daughters through shopping. Hmmmm….

  2. Great post. Obviously targeting teens is working… and they’ll grow up and have even more money to burn. I’ve seen documentaries about coffee companies trying to market to kids, becaues they need to “get’em while they’re young” It’s all about exploiting teenage insecurities. unforutnately, it works all too easily.

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