short blogging break

Just a heads up… my blog will be on hold for a little while.

Two weekends ago Mike and I went on a retreat with the church I work for. I worked with the middle school girls and Mike with the middle school guys.

We came back for Monday and then left early Tuesday morning for LA. We spent thanksgiving with Dave and Krissy and I got to tour Fuller! (and I got to see Bekah… and if you know Bekah you know that seeing her was awesome 😉 ) We went to the beach in Malibu, saw a taping of the Tonight Show, and got In and Out burgers! (Yum) But really I just enjoyed spending time with friends and Mike on vacation. (More about Fuller to come… exciting stuff.)

We came back late Sunday night from LA. Now I’m bogged down working on final projects and youth ministry stuff. Next week is my last week of class. And then finals and then I’m done.

Badgers in LA!


One thought on “short blogging break

  1. Woohoo!!! Great picture, and I’m excited to hear more about your vacation! Oh wait, I was there, so I probably know a lot of it…but blog about it anyways, and Krissy and I will enjoy reading it 😉

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