college library

right now i’m at college library…. and it’s december 26th

if you are reading this and you went to University of Wisconsin- Madison, the words “college library” probably bring mixed emotions. on one hand, i walk into this library and remember all the long horrible hours i spent here- the saturday nights, leaving at 3am or being one of the first ones to arrive in the morning. I remember how hard it was to find a place to study here during finals, the stress of finals and midterms felt while studying here, and the 14+ hour days I would spend here sometimes.

I also remember sitting around at the big tables with my friends, trying to make each other laugh. I remember a night with cheese curds flying through the air, or chipolte & starbucks runs, or falling asleep face-down on a table. I remember staring out at the lake, or leaving the quiet room to answer my cell, or waiting for friends to arrive and save me from studying boredom.

It’s funny, because there are probably a lot more hard times here at college library then there are good, but when I enter into this former hell-hole, I actually miss it. I don’t miss the studying or the big tables or even the beautiful panoramic view of the lake, but I do miss my friends and the long hours we would spend here together studying. Somehow those memories of spending countless hours with friends erases all the stress and work and boredom.

but today I don’t have to study, and i’m definitely not stressed. I’m just visiting college library with Mike. He’s using their computers to design a website for his work, while I get to sit around and read. We’re visiting Madison for a few days between now and New Years, before we have to return to Chicago.

I used to be so excited for the day I would graduate from UW-Madison, and now all I want to do is come back.


3 thoughts on “college library

  1. Crazy how we miss the things we thought we never would. Been thinking about you lately, wondering how life is going. I might shoot you an email sometime soon. Very much love.

  2. Jenn,

    It may be months before you read this, but I miss you… this post is now dedicated to you- and our many many hours at college library.

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