Living out of my Suitcase

Chicago–> Madison –> Chicago–> Madison –> Beaver Dam–> Milwaukee–> Madison–> Chicago–>  Madison–> Beaver Dam–> Madison–> Chicago
Since December 18th until today, I’ve mostly been living out of a suitcase. After many days of traveling I typically wish for a few days at home to regroup and unpack, but this break I loved living out of my suitcase.

For one, I have a great suitcase- my brother-in-law Tim gave it to us as a wedding present.

Second, I found a great new way to pack- by rolling everything instead of folding it. It makes suitcase-living a lot more fun.

And finally, I actually packed enough clothes and underwear to make it through all my travels.

So, a great Christmas season for living out of my suitcase.

I think the best part was seeing so many people. At Blackhawk study day (yes, one of my favorite holidays) I spent the entire time hanging out with my sister and seeing so many UW-Madison friends. I spent a night at my sister’s co-op in Madison… and would love to live there someday. I saw old roommates, spent a few days with Linds (back from KY!) in Chicago, got to pick up the Kludts at Midway airport after their 12 hr trip from LA, I spent New Years playing mafia again (it’s my new favorite holiday tradition!), lived in my brother-in-law’s basement, and probably ate too many of Mama Drew’s famous peanut butter balls… and had a great holiday season. After a lonely few months here in Chicago it was so refreshing to spend break with good friends and family, and well worth all the gas money of traveling around.

So this year, here’s to living out of a suitcase.


One thought on “Living out of my Suitcase

  1. that’s a lot of chicago… i’ve slept in that airport twice… don’t feel the need to ever go back, though they keep connecting me through there…

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