adventures at the post office

going to the post office in Chicago is always an adventure- and it sure was today

a few weeks ago i realized that i could sell books online through i am a reading/book addict and thought it would be a great way for me to make some money so i could get some other books off of my borders wish list (it’s awfully long … ) So i listed a bunch of my old books online and within a day two of them had sold.

If you sell a book through you have to ship it within two business days, so I had to get to the post office today. Mike has a new job and can no longer take public transportation or carpool, so he had to take the car… which left me with two large books that needed to get to the post office and my bike.

Unfortunately the windchill here in chicago was around 15 degrees.

So I put on layers, put a scarf over half my face, and shoved my helmet over my hat so only my eyes were showing and got on my bike… and i made it to the post office only to find that the line was snaked all around inside. Now this was my fourth or fifth time at the lovely Ravenswood post office, and it is always a long line, so I brought the latest Time magazine with me in preparation for the wait… but this was the longest line i have ever seen at a post office... I read almost the entire Time magazine and over 45 minutes later, i made it to the front, paid $4.07 to get my packages shipped, and was on my way home.

Unfortunately reaching the desk at the post office isn’t as thrilling as a ride at Great America but i still love going to the post office. I think, in some twisted way, it makes me feel closer to my neighbors. Every time I go I end up talking to someone or another, however briefly and often about the long lines. And we all stand in line forever, sometimes passing around parts of newspapers trying to keep each other entertained. And whenever I reach the front the same tired ladies are working the four desks, moving at what seems to be snail’s pace after dealing with a long day of a never-ending line. I always smile at them, because i know that most other people are angry and frustrated by the time they survive the 45 minute line… and that smile and friendly greeting always seem to make them go a little bit faster.

Most people may think it’s a waste to spend an hour and a half shipping two books, but me, I like it.


One thought on “adventures at the post office

  1. I think we all want to be part of a community and be part of people’s lives, but not always to be involved to the extent that you are with friends and family. Things like going to a neighborhood shop instead of a supermarket, or a local fete gives you that “villlage” type of vibe.

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