a bad day for teeth

i’m going to warn you now
this post is neither inspiring or even really worth your reading
but i’m going to guess that you will read it anyways… you made it this far
so here goes…

my mouth hurts
it started a few weeks ago when i noticed my mouth didn’t feel quite right
i knew my upper wisdom teeth had been coming in
but now it seemed like they weren’t going to come in easily

after sticking my finger in the back of my mouth
and opening my mouth as wide as i can and looking in the mirror
i concluded that yes, indeed, my wisdom teeth were almost all the way in
and they were making the other teeth angry

so i called my mom
yes, my mom
and asked her to call my old dentist
and figure out if i was supposed to have them removed sometime back

i was

so now
with a hurting mouth
and no dental insurance
it seems like i need to go get them removed

so it’s a bad day for teeth
(and probably for my savings acount… 😦 )

if there are any dentists out there who would like to do some wisdom-teeth-pullin’ for free, you know where to comment! 😉


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