i love dreamers

i have been amazed lately
God keeps putting these women in my path-
women who cannot help but dream big things for the future
they are fueled by passion and driven by a vision
they believe another world is possible
and just maybe they can help make it different

lately i have been so so blessed to be included in the dreams of others
my dreams have been revived by the dreams of others
and my passions have been renewed by theirs’

i love dreamers
i love idealists
i love those women who are not afraid to question the status quo
who aren’t afraid to rock the boat
who break boundaries
and become more than anyone thought they would be

i love those who catch a vision
who hope for the future
and know their vision is from above

i love those who aren’t afraid to give themselves to something bigger than themselves
who aren’t afraid to fall limp in the arms of the One
who are willing to get swept up in His glorious mission

Another World is Possible
so dream on my dreamers
dream on
because your dreams are beautiful beyond words
and you can change the world


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