in our country?!?

In our country?!? Yes, my friends, this happens in our country.

Imagine going downtown in one of the most glamourous cities in the world. Movie stars live there. National media is created there. Stories are told about it… and everyone knows where it is. It’s so familiar to us that we call it by it’s nickname. It’s LA.

If you have never been to LA you would probably assume that downtown LA is a beautiful magical place. Maybe you think it looks something like this:

There are palm trees, giant houses, miles of beautiful beaches, shops so expensive you can’t even afford to look at the clothes, and of course, celebraty sightings.

But there is another side of LA that goes unnoticed. Just a short walk from the skyscrapers of downtown is the urban camp ground called “skid row”. It’s barely believable that this goes on in our country, much less one of our most visable cities.

So take a look at the video- and see the other half of one of our country’s most glamorous cities:

About 10,000 people live in Skid Row. This is real daily life for people. A family in a tent on the sidewalk. This is not just old men. This is children, moms… everybody.

Educate yourself- find out more about skid row:

all credit for this blog goes to bekah bolin- hope you don’t mind that i stole your info- but i wanted to spread the word 


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