big decision

Well, Mike and I have made a big decision. This is much less of an interesting blog post but a public-service-announcment to all the friends and family who know us who read my blog.

( drum-roll-please……….. )

We’ll be staying in Chicago for another year!

The decision was very difficult because I recently found out I was accepted to Fuller Seminary out in the LA area and Mike and I both wanted to go. We visited over Thanksgiving and loved it, and I have my heart set on attending Fuller for seminary. We decided that we want to stay another year so Mike can continue to work at his current job. He loves it a lot and it is a great place to learn from some of the best in the solar energy business, which is important because he wants to own his own solar energy company someday.

So now I’m trying to find something to do for a year. This presents some issues. First, I can’t take a youth ministry job because I am only going to be in the city for another year. Second, I’ve been trying to find jobs at social service agencies that work with teens but I am under-qualified for almost all that I have found. Third, I need to find something in a relatively small area because we want to continue to live in the city of Chicago and we only have one car, which Mike needs to get to work and back.

So this next year? Well, I may be back working at a coffeehouse again. Which won’t be the end of the world but I am so ready to get my first ‘real’ youth ministry job, so working in a coffeehouse does seem like a letdown. Luckily I can stay part-time at my youth ministry internship this next year and take on more responsibility so I will still have some awesome teens in my life. And hopefully I can take a class or two at North Park Seminary next year and continue learning.

Yesterday was Mike and my eight-month anniversary and I think that this has been the most difficult thing about being married so far. It’s really hard to take two people who are used to having relative freedom to move around the country and do what we want when we want and put them together. Mike and I both have moved a lot and taken a lot of great opportunities over the last few years, but now we need to make sure that all of our choices work for both of us. For two people who love adventure and don’t want to “settle down” too much, it’s difficult to make our lives coincide and feel content where we are. To be honest, if Mike and I hadn’t gotten married he would still be working at the great job he had in Madison, WI and I would probably be headed off to Fuller this fall.

But love trumps it all. Mike and I knew that choosing to be together meant sacrificing our own desires sometimes. It’s difficult, I won’t lie, but definitely worth it. I wouldn’t trade Mike for anything :).


3 thoughts on “big decision

  1. Such a great post/announcement Maria. You will look back on this someday as a blessed time in your life, even if it feels like putting your life on hold right now. God’s not putting you on hold…no way!

    I’m so proud to know both of you and watch the wise choices you are making together – honoring one another in the process.

    The best thing for us about you being in Chicago another year, is that maybe we can see you once in a while when you visit Madison. We’d love that!

  2. Such a cute, cute picture of the two of you on the swings. 🙂 Good luck in Chi-town, I’ll be praying for you guys!

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