Do you ever feel the urge to do a cartwheel? Some days I do- like today. It doesn’t even feel like spring outside (it’s below 40 degrees right now here in Chicago) but there is green grass and no snow and I feel like doing cartwheels. I’m not even good at cartwheels… they are never straight and I just look silly. Maybe if I were twelve I could get away with doing awful cartwheels but at 23 I just look ridiculous running around outside in the cold doing awful cartwheels. Too bad, I think I’m going to do some anyways!

It’s those simple things in life that make it worth while. Today I walked around downtown Chicago in a part of the loop where I had never been before. I just couldn’t get over how big the buildings are and how amazing the urban jungle of the inner-loop is. I’ve lived in Chicago for over a year now and it still astounds me!

I’m off to celebrate two birthdays- two of my middle school girls turned 12 on Friday and we decided we needed to celebrate! I’ll probably do some cartwheels on my walk over!


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