finals thermometer

no i am not trying to raise $2000 (but if you would like to raise $2000 for me i would not turn it down)

I lived with the most amazing girls when I went to UW-Madison. We worked hard to support each other in school because we were all fairly crazy- we all were really good students and were involved in a lot of stuff (which means, at UW-Madison, that you are insanely busy and stressed at all times). Throughout the year we would go to the library together, stay up into the night helping each other stay awake, quiz each other, make flashcards, go on starbucks or chipote runs for each other, and make each other laugh to take the edge off the stress… we did whatever it took to get all of us through college.

Finals, of course, were the worst. I can’t remember what semester this started, but we had a tradition of making a “finals thermometer” on our dry erase board. Every year I would find out how many finals each roommate had and add them all together. There would be around 30 finals and I would make a tic-mark for each final along the thermometer. When we came home from taking a final we would fill-in the thermometer a little more. The last person would get to draw the liquid exploding from the top and we would all celebrate finishing finals.

Unfortunately I don’t live with my roommates anymore so the tradition of the finals thermometer is over…

but only two more weeks until I finish my last assignment as an undergrad

and only 19 more days until I get that diploma

and if there was a finals thermometer in my apartment it would be only 5 tics from the top

i’m almost done 🙂


One thought on “finals thermometer

  1. Congratulations Maria! You’re almost there! 🙂 It will be such a relief…now you can free-read to your hearts content!

    BTW…how do you post those pictures as part of your blog? I wanted to post some pictures of mine as part of my blog a while ago but I can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks!!


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