KY- riding the greyhound

I have some time on my hands. I graduated on May 12th from North Park and don’t start working until July 10th. Between now and then I have a lot of weddings and showers and possibly a week-long job, but I have a lot of free time. I decided that I wanted to go visit my friend Lindsey in KY where she is working for a year with the Christian Appalachian Project. Linds has been a very close part of my life for the past five years and I miss her like crazy now that she is down in KY, so I decided to go visit her for a week.

We only have one car, and anyways I didn’t want to drive to KY. Flights are too expensive, and anyways I didn’t want to fly… so I decided to go Greyhound! To get down there I had Mike drop me off at the Greyhound station at midnight on Sunday night. I slept there until 3am when I caught my bus. I rode through the night with two one-hour stops, one in Indianapolis and the second in Cincinnati. I finally arrived in Lexington KY at 1pm on Monday. Greyhound is the poor-persons airlines. Those who cannot afford flights travel around the country in a bus at all hours of the day and night, constantly getting off at major cities and standing in line for an hour to board the next bus.

The way there and back were definitely an adventure. At the Chicago bus depot I had to sleep with my legs through my bag straps so my bags wouldn’t walk off while I napped at 2am, and I was woken up every once and a while buy a security guard who wanted to see my ticket and make sure I belonged in the station. Sometimes I got the three seats in the back of the bus by the bathroom and could sleep well and stretch out. Another time I didn’t get a seat at all and spent that leg of the trip lying on the ground in the aisle. The two times I had to wait an hour to transfer buses on each trip I both met amazing people and was harassed by creepy guys. And on the very last leg of my trip home I had to sleep next to someone while everyone in the front of the bus talked loudly at 3am and the snoring of the big guy behind me seemed to echo around the bus.

So do I recommend riding greyhound? Definitely! It’s pretty cheap and it’s sure to be a huge adventure… plus you get to see the country without worrying about driving or navigating. Just make sure you travel with a small pillow and blanket and be prepared to be flexible, get a horrible nights sleep, and meet some interesting people.


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