run gore run

before i comment on yesterday, i just gotta say that I changed my blog banner to a plug for the one champaign. i am not doing this because it is trendy, because ONE is tied to Bono and like 100 other hollywood-types, or because I think it looks cool to care about something. I put that up there because I think that we should all be behind the ONE campaign for some very good reasons. I’ll be writing some posts on it coming up, but in the mean time check out not just for the shots of Brad Pitt in Africa but to see what they are really all about and how you can get involved.

Ok, so yesterday… I met AL GORE. Yep, that’s right. I was thinking about keeping this a secret because meeting famous people is always good to use in “2 truths and a lie” but I decided to tell you all anyways. I’ll confess, I lean left and I think Al Gore is pretty awesome. I’m sure he has a lot of faults, and I didn’t really follow him to closely in the 2000 election (well, probably not at all- I was 17 and didn’t really understand the difference between a republican and a democrat back then), but he has some great ideas. I have loved him for his determination over the last 2 decades to finally help the U.S. people and government understand global warming, and I love him for his current critique of our American democracy. If you haven’t heard, Al Gore is not running for president in 2008, and he says he does not want to, but there are a lot of democrats out there trying to get Gore to run. Time magazine even ran their lead article about this on May 28th. Will Gore run or not? He says no… but people still have hope that he is holding on, watching the races, and preparing to jump in at the last minute. I’m actually proud that Gore is holding back. I think we have some great democratic candidates and I would be fine voting for Obama, Edwards, or Clinton in ’08. I think that Al Gore has found a loud voice in this nation, and maybe it’s better that he spends his time on other projects outside of the presidency to help America change. I do have one regret for Gore not running for president- if he were elected I know something would actually happen politically to help our country curb our carbon binge. I doubt that Obama, Edwards or Clinton are really going to make as bold of moves as I would like to see when it comes to the environment and global warming.

But, back to yesterday. Earlier this week I saw that Al Gore was going to be in town for a book signing at a Borders in the loop; he would be signing his new book “The Assault on Reason”. I had absolutely nothing to do on Wednesday and I had a borders giftcard so I decided to make a day of trying to meet Al Gore. I headed downtown on the El and got to the borders around 11. I found myself in a giant line that snaked itself through the 3-story borders. I was in the fourth and final group of people- the ones near the front came around 8 in the morning. Al started signing around 12:30 and I finally reached him around 2pm. It was weird- there were TV cameras all over and borders employees everywhere, and then there was a simple fold-out table with a tablecloth over it (picture a family reunion) and behind it sat Al Gore. Simple as that. The line moved quickly so I had about 2 seconds to stand in front of him to say hello. The conversation went like this: me: “hello” Al: “hi, how are you?” me: “good, thank you”, and it was over… I was whisked off with my newly signed copy of The Assault on Reason and away from Al Gore. Was it worth the wait in line? Probably not, but since I had nothing else to do so yesterday, it totally was.

And the title of this blog? Well, I met a girl while standing in line at the bathroom in Borders. She was about my age, really nice, and had a t-shirt she was trying to give away to someone. She asked me if I wanted it. I asked her why she didn’t want it and she said she was “too busty” for it but it looked like it would fit me. (umm… compliment?) I thought it was a sweet shirt so I took it off her hands. What did it say on the front? “RUN GORE RUN”. Gotta love it…


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