well, i haven’t been blogging much because mike and I moved last weekend and our new place doesn’t have internet yet, and I didn’t blog before that because i was gone for a week for Americorps training, so sorry this has been few and far between. Hopefully we can figure out some cheap way to get internet soon and then i’ll be up and writing more! (And hopefully pictures of our beautiful new apartment will be coming your way…!)

in the absence of my own blogging I wanted to share my sister’s blog with you. She just moved to Switzerland for a year to be a live-in nanny for a family that lives outside of Bern. So go ahead and read about all of her adventures. Oh, and you can try to learn the metric system, how km convert to miles, and how swiss francs convert to dollars with me. 🙂

I already miss her but it’s so exciting to hear about her adventures abroad- from not being able to read road signs to exploring new cities. I already want to go visit her so badly and she’s been there less than three weeks! We’ll see if it happens or not this year for me. (My first trip to Europe!) In the mean time, I’m going to try to live in Switzerland vicariously through Justine’s blogs and our internet chats.


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