the… office… space

How many hours can a person stare at a computer screen each week and not go bonkers? I just may find out…..

A few thoughts on working in the office

1) Having three people working in a small room completely filled with stuff doesn’t make for a productive work environment

2) sitting at the same desk for 8 hours a day staring at the same computer screen for 8 hours a day and talking to other people for only about 30 minutes a day (and most of that on the phone) makes you want to scream

3) If I want to work outside at one of the tables or if I want to go down the street 2 blocks to the coffeeshop, where I know I can be much more productive, why shouldn’t I be able to?

4) eating lunch at your desk is depressing, I don’t care how busy you are

5) and finally… it has only taken me two days of 8-hours-a-day-working-alone-at-my-computer to realize that I am completely not cut out for this. thank goodness I am going to be with students a few hours every day in just a week… and extra thank goodness that I am going to be a youth minister after that, where I will be encouraged to get away from my computer and desk and actually go interact with humanity… whewww


One thought on “the… office… space

  1. I totally agree Maria, I cannot stand my desk job! It seems like I have so many wasted hours during my day in which I could be using towards doing something more productive, but when you’re on “salary” time you have to put in your 40 some hours each week to receive that paycheck.

    I miss being more interactive, how ironic for being in the “interactive” field of web design to begin with. I love being able to teach dance, which is what I do at night after work now.

    I can have the most boring, somber day and as soon as I step foot into the studio and start learning something new I light up again and feel alert and excited, looking forward to sharing my knowledge with new students.

    I cannot wait until I can one day be a full time teacher and I sure hope it comes sooner than later and I won’t have to be posting a reply like this to your situation. 🙂

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