still my favorite

Last night Mike and I went downtown to Grant Park (if you are not from Chicago, that is the park that is along Lake Michigan at the south end of Michigan Ave. If you have ever been a tourist in the city you have probably seen it.) Chicago shows movies in their parks during the summer but the biggest Movies in the Park events are down in Grant Park.  They set up a GIANT screen and you bring your lawn chairs and blankets and fill-up a giant field. Well, last night we got down to the park via the El around 7:30 and were greeted by thousands of people already covering the field. Being the crowd weaver I am, I went all the way to the front and we found the perfect spot in the front row. We brought a blanket, two pillows, a big bottle of ice water, and a bucket of Mike’s homemade popcorn. The movie ran from 8-11 and we didn’t get home until after midnight, but it was AmAzInG! Why? Because the Sound of Music has been and still is my all-time-favorite. And it was fun watching it with a crowd that cheered whenever something good happened, clapped for all the songs, and booed the baroness. Plus we ran into an old friend from UW-Madison who we found out lives only 3 blocks from our new place! Ah, good times in Chicago 🙂


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