so proud

I’m not an American Idol fan, but their “Idol Gives Back” episode donates money to Save the Children. My best friend Lindsey works for Save the Children in a back-country Kentucky school as a literacy coordinator. She was recently filmed at her school doing what she does so so well- teaching kids! So… to get an amazing view of Lindsey, check out the video here through the Idol Gives Back site. Click on :”Literacy Program- Jeannie Improves Her Reading” to see my amazing friend “Miss Lindsey”. This woman makes me proud like you would never believe. Not only is she an amazing friend, but she is doing amazing things in this world.

You can also see videos of her kids by clicking on “Thank you American Idol- from children in the U.S.” and “Change Program- healthy snacks and physical activity at McKee Elementary”. McKee is the school that she works at. I think I even remember one the students in the video from when I visited her.

Wow, I can think of no better person to get a little American Idol spotlight time. Forget the singers, Miss Lindsey is the true talent.


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