check it double-deck it!

I’m pretty excited about this one. On my favorite website and everything. Although most of the other stuff is more interesting, it’s nice to get in there a bit!


3 thoughts on “check it double-deck it!

  1. Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia.

    Real Peace does not grow out of the barrel of a gun.
    So why use it as symbol for “peace”?
    Especially in the way used here. And in the (possible) context of a “resistance” fighter hiding in a sewer or under a bridge.

    Perhaps a gun barrel , used in a non-threatening circumstance, with beautiful flowers sticking out of it would be useful.

    No blue sky, no flowers, no happy faces, and no BEAUTY, no de-LIGHT.

    One of the traditional images of PEACE is a flower, or a tree, or a smiling face, or bright happy colours, and something intrinsically BEAUTIFUL altogether.
    Certainly not the exclusively red and black as per your site, which were also the colours the Nazis used.
    And which altogether at the cultural, and more important FEELING level, do not communicate anything whatsoever to do with peace. More like worldly power and domination, and manipulation of the gross level survival emotions of fear and anger.

    Remember how we used to be warned by the “red” menace—the Russians or Chinese, or “reds” under the bed”.
    Meanwhile in Amerika the “red states” all voted for the boy emperor last time round.

    You presume to be offering something superior to the system, yet quite frankly the communication of your site is just the same as that of the ruling DOMINATOR system.

    Even the image of a closed fist, which itself a symbol of power and domination, and the avoidance of relationship.
    A traditional Buddhist (and even Christian) image of peaceful intent is an open hand, signifying the willingness to engage in a non-threatening, even open-hearted relationship.

    Plus your image of “jesus” doesnt communicate anything peaceful either.
    Nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

  2. Sue, I am very thankful for your thoughts. I guess I have not completely thought through the aesthetic of my blog and what it might convey to someone who is first looking at it.

    I guess I should tell you a few things. One, the picture on the top of my blog is meant to be subversive, and not at all meant to say that peace comes out of violence, although I can see how that picture conveys that message. If anything the picture should have the caption “wage peace”. It’s the idea that peace isn’t passive, but that we need to actively work for it. As a Christ follower, I believe that violence, even when used for justice or “the good” simply leads to more violence, and I believe in the active non-violence pursuit of peace. The picture is merely a subversion of the typical idea of fighting with violence and instead fighting with peace.

    As for the colors, I am not one for “pleasantness” or for “sentiment”. Bright colors may bring thoughts or feelings of peace or happiness, but they also kinda convey the message that “everything is happy and joyful in my world”. The colors I chose where meant to show that the world is not always a bright place, and in reality it is really a dark and sinful place, and we need to come to terms with that. I wanted my blog to be in the depths of the reality of the brokenness of this world. I also agree that Jesus is the Light of the World, and that we can see that light at work, but we must also work and struggle in the dark places to bring more light there. I hope the colors do not bring thoughts of the Nazi’s or of Communists or of Republicans. Remember red is also the color used to represent love and the sacrificial blood shed by Jesus’.

    Finally, the fist. I do not believe in fighting, but I do believe that we should join together to show the world another way to live as a Church. Check out the Jesus Radicals site the fist image links to and see what you think. I don’t believe in fighting, but I do believe in revolution, so there the fist will stay.

    thanks for your thoughts- and i think i’m going to do some searching for a new blog image!

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