I tend to a be a “delayed gratification” kinda person. Which means i like to leave the better stuff until later so I have something to look forward to. So this year Mike and I waited until the first week of June to take our vacation, even though we are moving in July to California.

We went to three places- Madeline Island (Big Bay State Park), Pattison State Park, and my grandparent’s cabin. We camped at both Big Bay and Pattison and then stayed at my grandparent’s cabin the last few nights and sought refuge from the rain there. It was a chilly camping trip (most days had highs in the 50’s or low 60’s), but that also meant our campgrounds were all nearly empty.

Mike and I like adventures. We like going exploring and we like experiencing new things. We like getting away from our lives but also getting away from the comforts of our lives (like a warm place to stay), and we don’t like spending a lot of money on vacations, so camping fits us pretty well. Some day I would like to go on an even more “roughin-it” vacation with Mike- maybe a hiking/backpacking trip in Northern California or a biking/backpacking trip up the coast. There is just something about shedding your stuff and setting out with just the bare necessities and seeing how you do out there.

So we hiked to waterfalls and along the coast of Madeline island. We splashed in the water and spent and hour looking at pretty stones. We spent nights huddled for hours around our campfire because it was too cold to be away from it. We made pudgie pies over the fire and hot cocoa on our campstove. We biked into town and got to ride a ferry. We visited Duluth, a place where I lived for a summer and haven’t seen in 4 years.

I love camping because it helps re-center you. Who are you when you are away from all your stuff? Away from your schedule? Away from your home? Away from your commitments and responsibilities? Who are you really? Shed your life for a week, pick up a sleeping bag and a tent, and head out into the wilderness… it’s a great place to be reminded of who you really are.


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