Chicago to Pasadena

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but I have a very good reason- I just moved across the country. I said goodbye to a job. I packed up an apartment into a Honda Civic and 15 medium-sized boxes. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I said goodbye to friends. I switched my address.

And I spent 5 days driving across the country. Mike in the drivers seat, I got shottie, and my sister Justine, just back from switzerland (literally, she came to the airport to our apartment, and then in the car to drive to LA the next morning) in the back seat next to a pile of stuff. The car was packed with all the stuff that was too heavy or too awkward to ship (skateboards, bikes, tool boxes, guitar, etc) and the backseat was filled with our stuff for the trip (clothes, snacks, sleeping bags, and of course, my sister).

We drove through Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska the first day, and stayed at a cheap motel outside of Lincoln NB. The second day we spent the evening in Denver, which was beautiful but not quite as nature-y as I had made it out to be in my imagination. We did spend an hour in the biggest REI I had ever been to in Denver, which was fun. Then that night we drove an hour into the Rockies and decided to sleep outside next to our car. Justine had done it before and insisted we just needed to find the right place. But we took a weird road off the interstate into the mountains and it was an hour before we found a good place to pull over and sleep. Eventually we did and I even had a good night sleep, and luckily no one found us sleeping in the grass.

The morning of the third day we woke up early (Mike was afraid of someone seeing us) found a gas station to wash up, and drove through the beautiful Rocky mountains. They were absolutely incredible. Honestly, most beautiful place I’ve been in America. We drove through all those ski towns like Vail and had our first “real” meal of the trip at a beautiful little breakfast place up in the mountains. We made it all the way through Colorado that day and into Utah and spend the later-afternoon at Arches National Park. Despite the 100 degree heat we went on a two hour hike to see some of the famous arches then crashed that evening at a cheap motel.

The next day we drove from eastern Utah into Los Vegas. I have some relatives that live just outside of√ Vegas and we were going to spend the night with them, but first Mike, Justine, and I hit up the Vegas strip. All together we spent $10- on a few rounds of slots, a few bottles of water, and some amazing 99cent margaritas. Not a place I could ever spend more than a few hours in, but we packed in the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, the Venetian, and a few other smaller hotel/casinos into our 3 hour stay.

On our final morning we had breakfast with my relatives than took off for our last 4 hours of driving into Pasadena (it’s a northern burb of LA). We got in around 3, unpacked our car, and settled in for the night.

And here we are. Mike and I are incredibly sunburned from a trip to the beach with Justine (we forgot the sunscreeen). We’ve already taken two bike trips down to the Rose Bowl. We bought a futon, bed, and coffee table. And we’re amazed that absolutely everything we could want is within walking distance from our apartment. We’re pretty happy so far.


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