an old e-mail

life can hurt
you can allow it to
it’s ok for life to hurt all on it’s own
not because of any tragic event
not because of any self destructive habit
just because life does hurt
when i think of you, i almost believe that you feel life in a much more real way then me
my life should hurt, ache, make me frustrated, and make me want to cry
because my life is so tragically incomplete
i somehow think that the simple things in my life will fulfill me
I hide my face in a “happy” life
life sucks, in a beautiful way
we are missing him
and, sometimes i think, if I really loved God as I should, I should be a whole lot less happy than i am
does that make any sense?
it’s like some girl so madly in love with a boy
when the boy isn’t around, she is heart-broken, alone, confused, and aching
something is simply just not right
and nothing can seem to fulfill the lack the boy she loves left in her life
does that make any sense?


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