Why Mama Drews is Amazing

Mama Drews (my husband’s mom, as she is affectionately known by our friends, but is never called to her face) is amazing. Why?

Because she is one of the most generous people I know. Because she always thinks of you and misses you. Because she will fill up the fridge with your favorite food and cook you your favorite meal when you come over.  Because she will hide your easter basket, even when you’re a college graduate, in a place you cannot find for an hour. Because she’ll cook you something just for you when you’re the only vegetarian in the family. Because she makes the best desserts ANYWHERE and always makes tons. (Seriously, i would pay big money for her treats!) And because, on your birthday, she’ll send you the most amazing presents.

Today I got big heavy box, priority mailed from Wisconsin. And inside? A box of chocolates, a tin of her famous chocolate caramel bars (yum!!!), a candle, and two gift certificates. Could she be any more generous?  Mama Drews is Amazing, she just is, and I just know that she doesn’t think twice about doing stuff like this… it’s just her being amazing Mama Drews!

(Come on over if you want to try one of the famous chocolate-caramel bars. We have plenty!)


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