photo journalism

This “Eye on the Earth” series of photos made me so sad. It’s worth a look, though.

I hate living in a country where we consume and don’t even think about what we are doing. As most of you know, the environment weighs on my heart. I often wonder if things would be different if we had to keep all of our trash in our homes or our porches and face our own mess.


One thought on “photo journalism

  1. Hey Maria – I found your blog through Dave’s and I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts/reflections on the world around us. In so many ways, my heart resonates with what you say – and yet, your words challenge me to make sure my beliefs/desires/convictions line up with my actions/lifestyle/choices.

    That said, I do think it would make a difference if we had to start a pile in the middle of Cornerstone for our trash/waste.


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