some thoughts

This blog has been quiet lately… because I’ve been trying to figure some things out. For those of you who don’t know, I’m in my first quarter at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA when I am (most likely) going to get an M.Div. Most of my writing energy has been going towards my first quarter of painful papers, and although I have had lots of ideas, then haven’t made it up here yet (maybe over winter break!)

A lot of things that I thought I had figured out when we moved out here in July became undone by my second week of classes. The rug has been pulled out from under me, and the well-thought-out plans have been thrown away. A lot of things I thought I knew were proven false, and a lot of thoughts about the future became even more fuzzy. Add in navigating a new school, trying to make friends, and realizing that I’m not quite as prepared for seminary as I’d hope to be, and you get a rough start.

But I am still blessed. I’ve come to realize this past week that I am so incredibly blessed by having some amazing people in my life. I’ve made some friends in classes that have shared important tips, notes, and study time with me… and without whom class would not be so much fun. Some friends from college live up the street and have been a perpetual source of friendship, hospitality, support, and love… just what you need when moving across the country. And Mike and I have been quickly welcomed into a church in Hollywood called Kairos, and it already feels more like home than our last church. Plus, we have made friends with some pretty incredible people there. And finally, my husband has put up with me when I have been less than nice or pleasant, showing me the most incredible amounts of grace… more than I could ever ask of him. Without all these people, I would be even more of a disaster than I already am… and for them I am so thankful.


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