books from fall

I’ve been reading a lot lately, and I wanted to give you all a few thoughts on my favorites from fall quarter. Some I read for class, others for papers, and a few I squeezed in just because I wanted to read them.

Resident Aliens– My first Hauerwas book. I have to say that I might be hooked on Stanley Hauerwas. I also ended up reading part of his The Hauerwas Reader for my Christian Ethics class this semester. This book is challenging, and although I don’t completely agree with maybe the “insularity” of his ecclessiology, I think this book needs to be a big part of the discussion on what it means to be the church.

Prophetic Imagination Also my first Brueggeman book. Like Hauerwas, Brueggeman has these big amazing ideas that are so profound they often seem too big for me to wrap my first-quarter-in-seminary mind around. I have a long way to go! I feel like this book will be a constant re-read throughout the rest of my life, reminding me of what the church needs… the prophetic imagination.

Assaulted by Joy– By Stephan Simpson. This book was a just-for-fun break from the theological reading. It is written by a Fuller prof (who also went here) and it’s basically his spiritual memoir. The best part of this book is not his spiritual insights or the things you can learn from his life, but just how plain funny and entertaining this book is. Partially because I could relate to his in-seminary-cynicism, and partially because he is just an hilarious writer, this book cheered me up in the midst of some mid-quarter stress.


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