part of something bigger

It’s always a weird experience for me when someone “pegs” you as something and they happen to be dead-on. Now I hate being labeled (go figure) but sometimes you just find your self in the middle of a movement. And I think Mark Sayers got me right-on:

Neo-Anabaptists: Some have called this movement the new monastics, which is quite a helpful term, but I think that a more accurate description would be Neo-Anabaptists, as this group is shaped by the ethos of the Anabaptist movement. This movement tends to be pacifist, favours incarnational living amongst the urban poor, and has a strong distrust of power, sees contemporary Western Culture and Society as being controlled by “Empire” and thus favours an approach of prophetic action by small grassroots Christian communities.I would also place in this group the growing Christian-Anarchist movement in Australia and New Zealand. This group tends also to be strongly influenced by the Catholic Worker Movement started by Dorothy Day. A key leader in this movement would be Shane Claibourne.


2 thoughts on “part of something bigger

  1. The only thing I would mention about his description is that I think to narrowly define those within the “new monastic”/incarnational living individuals as all influenced by the Anabaptist tradition probably misses the mark. In fact, I would say those who have championed/started this movement were influenced by such things, but the average person involved probably can’t tell you who the Anabaptists were and for what they stood.

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