IMG_2233Some things in life can be broken down into two categories- consuming and producing. Sometimes we are consumers. Other times we produce things. Sometimes we do both, like when we cook a great meal and then eat it 🙂

My busy seminary life often feels like consumption. I sit in lecture, discussions, and read a lot. I consume an overwhelming amount of information. From there I either (a) forget it, (b) chew on it for a while and remember it, or (c) write it in a paper or memorize it for an exam. I do produce a lot of papers, but one professor or one teaching assistant is the most they get read. It doesn’t really feel like ‘real’ production of anything useful.

IMG_2239I have realized all this consumption has lead me to two new hobbies that are about production. This year I have started playing the guitar a lot and drawing. Maybe it’s a left-brain vs. right-brain thing and my creative side is just itching to get out. Either way, I have found myself taking periodic breaks throughout my hours of studying or reading to pick up my guitar and learn some new songs or take out my moleskine and sketch a few things. I’m not very good at either playing the guitar or drawing, but I have decided that I shouldn’t let my artistic mediocrity stop me from enjoying myself and producing something others may enjoy. Maybe I’ll even get good at it some day!


One thought on “producing

  1. I have found the same thing, in which I have tried to balance consumption of reading material with production of music. However, I had not actually seen it as a consumption/production dichotomy, so I am grateful for that insight.

    It may also explain somehow the fact that I seem to want to write less in my job and listen to music less for pleasure. It is problematic that I am not productive enough at my job and that I am unlikely to ever produce music for the pleasure of others, so that basically I am wasting a lot of time.

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