Meeting the Neighbors

Sorry for the long blog hiatus. I don’t really have a reason for it, except that lately I have been trying to be more present in the real world, which means the world of blogging has gotten ignored. Sorry, world of blogging.

A few weeks ago one of the leaders at my church, Don, preached on “The Descending Way.” I was gone on a two week backpacking trip in Yosemite when Don preached, so I just got around to listening to it now. Don had some great thoughts and ideas on how to be missional and get to know people in your community, which I thought were well worth considering. Many of them sound basic, but making a point in being intentional about a few of them could go a long way in being connected and missional in our communities:

Frequent: Frequent the same gas stations, restaurants, and coffee shops, go around the same time, and get to know your baristas and checkers.

Get a Hobby: Join a group in your community centered around a hobby (volleyball league, cyclists, take a class etc) and meet some new people who are different than you.

Meet People on the Street: Walk your cute dog or kid around your neighborhood and meet neighbors as you go. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and start some conversations.

Work it: At work, invite co-workers to eat lunch with you, walk around outside on a break, or go out after work

Volunteer at a Non-Profit: Volunteer in your community and get to know both the other volunteers and members of your community.

Meet your Neighbors: Ask for sugar even if you don’t need any, make some cookies, and bring them cookies back. Start a conversation.

Go for a Prayer Walk/Ride: Walk or ride your bike around your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors as you pass by their houses.

Know the Poor: Get to know the poor, handicapped, disabled, elderly, refugees, immigrants, single parent families, and orphans in your neighborhood. Get to to know them, their stories, and their concerns in the neighborhood.

“look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others…”


One thought on “Meeting the Neighbors

  1. Welcome back to the blog-world! Balancing blogging with the real world is something I haven’t quite figured out myself…

    But posts like this are why it’s good for me when you blog. šŸ™‚

    A lot of this is seemingly pretty “duh” kind of stuff, except that given how isolated we’ve become from one another on so many levels I think we need the “duh” stuff to be said again and again, in new and creative ways so maybe it can become less stuff we “know” and more stuff we “do.” Then again, I’ve already been thinking about things like this more since my wife and I just moved to a new city.


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