moving to East Hollywood

This past weekend Mike and I picked up our one bedroom apartment and moved into a house in East Hollywood, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. East Hollywood is home to our church, Kairos. We moved into a four bedroom house with several other people from Kairos, right around the corner from where our church meets for Sunday gatherings. We really enjoyed living in Pasadena, especially since we had great neighbors in student housing and I was a 5 minute walk from class. But a few months ago we realized that we felt like we needed to move to East Hollywood. We wanted our lives to be more integrated and not split between two different places, neighborhoods, and communities. We also realized that to be fully part of our church community and it’s mission, we needed to be in the neighborhood.

David Fitch recently gave this definition of “missional church” over at his blog:

Now I define the Missional church as the church mobilized for incarnational (as opposed to attractional) ministry occupying the place of Christ’s humble servant presence in a locale (as opposed to a place of coercion and presumption) whereby we live (visibly) an entire way of life that witnesses to the salvation of God (His Kingdom) birthed in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It is natural, it is concrete, and it is above all local. In this witness, people are invited out of their lostness into a vital relationship with the Triune God and all He is doing to make the world right through Jesus Christ.

As Kairos seeks to be a missional church in East Hollywood, it becomes easy to see why proximity becomes so important. A missional church is missional within a context, within a location. That means that Kairos is specifically missional within the cultural context of it’s church members, but also missional within his physical location of East Hollywood. It brings a serving presence to East Hollywood while meeting and serving neighbors and those in need within the East Hollywood area. A missional church also lives a way of life that witnesses to God’s kingdom and salvation, something that can only be done when people in our church community are living close enough to do daily life together.

I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to be more present with people within Kairos and within the neighborhood. I’m excited to be a little bit more about the mission of the church. I’m excited to see what God does with all this.


One thought on “moving to East Hollywood

  1. Beautiful! So excited for you guys on this new journey in East Hollywood. Can’t wait to read more about it.

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