forgiveness is a choice

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness and reconciliation over the past few months. As much as we talk about love, simplicity, generosity, patience, mercy, or justice as marks of a disciple of Jesus, forgiveness seems to stick out as the essential practice of one who follows Christ. Without forgiving, we fail to witness to the one who first forgave us. Without forgiving, we fail to share God’s love and mercy with others. Without forgiveness, the church cannot exist as a community reflecting the eschatological kingdom to come. Without forgiveness, the church may not be able to be a community of believers at all. (Let’s be honest here, the local church always a messy place- and it needs forgiveness to simply survive as a community.)

I’ve been listening to a few sermons on forgiveness on repeat these past few weeks, and wanted to pass them along. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but when it comes to becoming a forgiving people in an unforgiving world, it’s worth going back and remembering what forgiveness is about and how to forgive- over and over again. So I give you Forgiving Myself and Forgiving Others from Tim Mackie, part of Blackhawk Church in Madison, WI.


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