my building

Last night I was talking to my husband about our apartments in Los Angeles. There was our first apartment- “the cave”- the one with no direct sunlight. Our building was built so close to the building next door, even the front porch failed to get sun.

Then there was “the bowling alley”- the long narrow apartment with no windows, save one picture window directly opposite a tree. I put the kitchen table against that window, turned it into my desk, and tried to live as much of my life in that apartment within a five foot radius of the window.

Then there was “the back porch”- a back porch converted into a back room which we rented for a few months, complete with a cold floor of large industrial tiles and a drafty door leading outside. The only way to the rest of the house was through the bathroom and laundry room. Or walking around the building to the front door.

And finally, this place. On the corner of Madison and Normal in Virgil Village. “La Casa Blanca en La Esquina,” as I tell my neighbors. Or as my husband and I like to call it, “home.”


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