it’s just so loud out there

I went to the beach for an hour this morning. The sun had been up for a few hours, but had yet to burn through the morning fog, leaving a blanket of clouds over the runners speckling the beach.

The world seems loud lately.  Loud with the activities I throw into it. Loud with decisions. Loud with pain. Loud with my own voice. It’s just so loud out there.

And normally I try to drown out all the noise with even more noise. Girl Talk on my headphones, Colbert on my laptop, NPR always playing in the background. But it just adds to the noise.

The steady rhythmic crash of the waves and roar of the wind is one of the only sounds that actually drowns out the other noise. It’s like breathing during yoga. It may be loud, but it’s a grounding noise. Not distracting, but attaching me to the ground.


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